Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Coimbra (APCC) – Portugal

The mission of APCC is to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged people, specifically people with disabilities, and to be an impactful organisation, nationally and internationally, in the rehabilitation and
full integration of disabled and disadvantaged people.

The Centro de Reabilitação de Paralisia Cerebral de Coimbra (Rehab Centre) is concentrates on the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, essentially from a preventative perspective. The work consists of multidisciplinary teams that provide integrated intervention working in conjunction with the community.

In 1983, the Centro Regional de Segurança Social gave ‘Quinta da Conraria’, a property of farmland near Coimbra, to APCC. There, the process of (re)habilitation continues, through pre-professional training, vocational training, occupational activities and sports. Quinta da Conraria has an organic farm, an adventure farm, a horse riding school, and a pedagogical farm; all of which are services open to the community and which seek to advance the integration of disabled people.

APCC has residences that provide domiciliary personal care and support and a Centre of Independent Living support.

Contact e-mail: graca.goncalves@apc-coimbra.pt

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IPAM is a school that has over 30 years of experience
in teaching marketing, having always offered education of excellence in close proximity to companies and the markets.
Our teaching model combines theory and practice, taught by faculty with business experience and real-world challenges which are posed to students by companies. The environment at IPAM Lisbon is one of professionalism, competence and determination. The students are true Marketing Managers when starting or developing their career.


Contact e-mail: sgomes@ipam.pt




National Association of Professionals Working with People with Disabilities is a public NGO, registered in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Our team involves:

  • Practitioners: social workers, psychologists, pedagogues, social entrepreneurs.
  • Lecturers and researchers from the academic community.
  • Social and personal assistants of people with disabilities.

Our mission is to build a network through which members can improve their professional experience and qualifications in order to enhance the well-being and health of people with disabilities, as well as to provide opportunities for improving the qualifications of those professionals who work with children and adults from disadvantaged groups.

Our main activities include:

  • Providing training materials related to work with people with disabilities, children with special needs and other vulnerable groups.
  • Practices for development of professional competencies.
  • Participation in Bulgarian and international programs and projects related to the association’s activities.
  • Sharing and disseminating good practices in the field of inclusive education, social inclusion and development of new competence and skills in the mentioned fields.


Contact e-mail: Maria Goranova / e-mail: info@narhu.org

Associated Partners


MUNICIPALITY OF ZLATOGRAD (BULGARIA) It is medium-size municipality. Narhu has joint initiatives in the field of social inclusion domain organizing together dedicated trainings and projects that are targeted to professionals working with people with disabilities. The involvement of the municipality
will be related to main streaming of project results and embedding of project outcomes in the practices of social service providers operating on the territory of Zlatograd.
For more information: www.zlatograd.com


It is an autonomous state higher school. It has participated in the implementation of over 250 international agreements in the field of science and education, of which over 200 are under the Erasmus+ Programme. NARHU`s collaboration with University of Ruse has mainly focused on social entrepreneurship and social marketing. NARHU members together with university professors from the University of Ruse have developed a training

program in the field of social entrepreneurship and social marketing. The role of the university in SIM project will be to disseminate on ongoing basis as well as to participate in Intellectual outputs development with feedback and recommendation. The training materials created within SIM project will be introduced to the university professors with potential to be exploited as part of the official university curriculums.

For more information: www.uni-ruse.bg



Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) is a public university officially recognized by the academic system in Switzerland. It is organized in five faculties, and active in different research areas, in particular: architecture, communication, data science, law, economy, health studies, informatics, medicine and biomedicine, computational science, and humanistic studies.

USI is actively involved – with a strong multi-disciplinary approach – in many competitive research programmes, funded at both national and European level (Swiss National Science Foundation, EU Framework Programmes and private foundations).

The Institute of Public Communication, part of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, focuses its research activities in the areas of public communication, social marketing, and intercultural communication.

Webpage: https://www.usi.ch/it

Contact e-mail: suzanne.suggs@usi.ch

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ESMA (European Social Marketing Association) is the most important and one of the few organizations in Europe working social marketing. It most important objective is the promotion of social marketing as an approach to social change in Europe.
ESMA will ensure that all developed project teaching and learning material will be in accordance with internationally recognised social marketing principles, concepts and ethical standards as approved by ESMA.
ESMA will support and guide the project in quality assurance of learning and teaching materials, ongoing support and mentoring to the project learning activities and active dissemination of the outputs through its newsletter, European and international conferences; and its links with academic publications.
Webpage: www.europeansocialmarketing.org



Universitat de València


The University of Valencia, also known by the acronym UV, is a public university located in the Spanish city of Valencia. It is one of the oldest universities in Valencian Community and is regarded as one of Spain’s leading academic institutions. The University was founded in 1499, and currently has around 55,000 students. Most of the courses are given in Spanish but also in English and Valencian languages.
“The Universitat de València’s mission is to train competent professionals at European Professional Standard and to encourage prestigious research with international implications that will contribute to the development of our society. Through training and research, the UV will promote the field of dissemination of science and culture, and also promote the reaffirmation of the democratic values of the society in general, and in the Valencian society in particular.”
Contact e-mail : Asuncion.hernandez@uv.es

Associated Partners


IVAS is a public entity belonging to the Valencia Regional Ministry for Social Welfare with full competencies to work in all areas of social action with people at risk of exclusion. They have good knowledge and capacity to understand the barriers faced by people with disabilities and people at risk of social exclusion.
Most of IVAS’s resources are used for people with disabilities (residences, occupational centres and special employment centres).


contact e-mail: gil_josguz@gva.es



It is the highest decision-making body of Valencian Region, being in charge to manage and develop the public policies related to transparency, participation of civil society and the development and solidarity promotion.
High responsibles of this public body, will be in charge to explore the possibilities to transfer the project outputs to the Valencian Regional policies.