ID 2019-1-PT01-KA204-060716

Target of this project

The project SIM aims to find right blend solutions of social marketing and social inclusion to provide better services and quality of life to disabled people.

The four partners are determined to give social inclusion and social marketing roots more visibility.


SIM focus on the training and case studies and took place over 24 months (from 01-09-2019 to 31-08-2021).


The project was prolonged till 31-08-2022 due to the COVID pandemic.

We are building this Erasmus project together!

Project partners from four European countries – Bulgaria, Switzerland , Spain and Portugal- worked together to exchange and analyse knowledge about new social marketing & social inclusion models to combine mixed-method approaches and to address the problems of professionals faces in the labour area of disability. They met regularly in order to discuss the project development, check the results and define the next steps to take. “Social Inclusion Marketing” is about building sustainable and effective solutions for disabled people.

APCC - Portugal

NARHU - Bulgaria

UV - Spain

USi - Switzerland