Intellectual Outputs

The partners are developing Intellectual Outputs [link to ‘handbook ‘page and the other products when the downloads are ready]


IO1: SIM Training Needs Assessment

This document states the real training needs of professional on social marketing and the preferred training methodology to be trained (the case study).
[link to ‘IO1‘]

See also the article of the Journal of Social Marketing https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/JSOCM-06-2020-0105/full/html#loginreload

IO2: SIM HANDBOOK – A practical guide for applying Social Marketing in the disability sector.

Help for those who want to dealing with social inclusion problems from a different perspective. The handbook can be used as guided course curriculum or as a self-study book.

[book’s cover]
[link to ‘IO2‘]

IO3: SIM Pedagogical strategy

Presents the case studies accomplished by the partnership and coached by experts and the project conclusions.
[link to ‘IO3‘]

IO4 – MOOC Course

Course entirely available online. The SIM MOOC integrates all the learning materials produced by the project focusing on the IO’s. The course is available through the uvX platform.
[link to ‘uv-platform‘]